Staff Profiles

Below is a list of our staff. Click on their names for a short description of what they do.

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Staff Profiles By Area

The staff profiles below are grouped by area of employment.


  • Emily Al Bulushi, MIO Manager
  • Buzz Bares , Assistant Director of Residence Life- Student Conduct
  • , Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
  • Lori Develice Collins , Assistant Director of Residence Life - Leadership & Community Development
  • Tom Fojtik , Director of Residence Life
  • Liz Morrell , Assistant Director - Business Services and Programs
  • Patrick Vander Zanden , Coordinator for Initiatives and Special Programs 
  • Abby Sylvia , Assistant Director of Residence Life


  • Diane Schroeder , Administrative Assistant
  • Kristen Gonyo , Receptionist
  • Paula Zemke , Support Office Manager
  • Deanna VanderWielen, Area Secretary, Student Payroll Coordinator
  • Stephanie Hellmann, Area Secretary

Hall Staff

    Community Development Specialist

    • Abbie Chobot, Lead CDS
    • Erin Seidler
    • Elyssa Hochevar
    • Elizabeth Pletzer
    • Jason Czech
    • Donnie Bantle
    • Kayla Keena

    Management Information Office

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      Gruenhagen Conference Center

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