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Community Agency Partner Program

What is the Community Agency Partner Program (CAPP)?

The CAPP pairs each residence hall at UW Oshkosh with a local service agency. The goal of the partnership is to create an on-going, long-term relationship between hall residents and the agency. Hall staff and participating agencies maintain regular contact throughout the academic year to determine possible service projects for staff and hall residents to participate in.  Any resident of the hall may participate in CAPP events. The CAPP provides opportunities for hall staff to develop regular community service events for residents to participate in. By developing a relationship with a specific agency, staff become comfortable with the process of planning service events, and therefore, are more inclined to plan such events! Each Community Advisor (CA) is required to complete one community service activity each semester, and we highly encourage them to do this through their CAPP agency.


Which agencies are currently participating in the CAPP?

The following residence halls and agencies are partnered in the CAPP for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Donner/Webster Hall:  Winnebago County Historical and Archeological Society

Evans Hall: Oshkosh Public Library

Fletcher Hall: Habitat for Humanity

Gruenhagen Hall: Oshkosh Public Museum

North Scott Hall: Salvation Army

South Scott Hall: Clarity Care

Taylor Hall: Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services

Stewart Hall: Boys and Girls Club