Single Stream Recycling: refers to a system in which individuals no longer have to separate paper, plastic, metals, and other recyclable materials into separate containers; all recycled materials are collected in one blue recycling bin and then separated at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Here the materials are broken down and developed into new substances to be used in the creation of other products.


How to Properly Recycle in Residence Hall rooms:

  1. Put all recyclables in small, blue recycling bins provided by ResLife (No can liner needed)
  2. When full, take the bin to designated recycling dumpster located outside your building
  3. Single-stream recycling allows you to put all recyclables in one recycling bin, EFFICIENT and SIMPLE

Watch this video for more information on Single Stream Recycling:


Recycling DO's and DON'T's 



Newspaper, Paper, Magazines

 Plastic Bags

Aluminum, Steal, and Tin Cans

 Styrofoam or Paper To-Go Containers

Cardboard and Paper Bags

 Plastic Lids/Caps

Glass Bottles and Jars

 Pizza Boxes

All Plastic Bottles and Jugs (Code #1-7) 

 Light bulbs

Paper Beverages and Cartons

 Plastic Six-Pack Holders

For a more detailed list of what can and cannot be recycled visit: