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Housing Contract/Room Rates

2017-2018 Room Rates

Double room $2,194 per semester

Single room $3,036 per semester

Taylor Hall-Double room $2,494 per semester

Taylor Hall-Single room $3,260 per semester

Fletcher Hall-Double room $2,618 per semester

Fletcher Hall-Triple room $2,946 per semester

Fletcher Hall-Single room $3,274 per semester

Horizon Village-2 bedroom suite $3,180 per semester

Horizon Village 4 bedroom suite $3,320 per semester

**All room rates are subject to change.

Housing/Dining Contract

2017-2018 Housing/Dining Contract

2018-2019 Housing/Dining Contract


Housing Policy

Most freshmen and sophomores are required to live in the residence halls unless they live within a specified distance. Students commuting from their parent’s/legal guardian’s permanent home within 45 miles of campus may be exempted from the housing requirement by completing the Commuter Card process. Additionally, UWO will exempt anyone from the housing requirement if one or more of the following are true by the first day of the upcoming fall semester:

  • They have successfully earned at least 48 credits;
  • They are at least 21 years of age;
  • They have lived in a residence hall for four semesters;
  • They are married; or
  • They are a veteran.