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Resident Hall Room Sign Up for 2017-2018

Every student that desires to live on campus next year, will need to complete a housing application and sign up for a room. All the information on how to do this is listed below. If you are interested in living in Horizon Village you will want to review the Horizon Village suite sign up page.

Room Sign-up Timeline

  • March 7th, starting at 12:00pm

If you would like to come back to your same room, you can do so on this day. Students living in Evans, Stewart, South Scott, and Webster must pick a new hall and room since these buildings are for first year students. Some rooms in North Scott Hall and Taylor Hall may be unavailable to returning students as the Department of Residence life modifies where new students may reside.

  • March 8th, starting at 12:00pm

If you would like to remain in the current hall you live in, but switch rooms you would do so on this date.

  • March 9th, starting at 11:00am

If you would like to select a room in a different hall, you may do so. All students participating in the different hall selection will be assigned a time at which they will be able to select a room. Times will be assigned based on when the housing application was completed, from earliest to latest. Fletcher Hall will reopen as a fully renovated hall in Fall 2017 and will be available to select on this day.

How to pull a roommate into your room during room sign up

  • If you know who you want as a roommate you MUST do the following things:

  •  Make sure that you have requested your roommate on the housing application prior to picking a room
  •  Make sure your roommate has confirmed you on their housing application prior to you picking a room
  •  When you pick your room it will ask you to place your roommate in the other half of the room. You MUST do this to ensure they are placed in the room you choose. If you do not do this step and another student picks the other half of the room, we will not remove that student from the space to place your roommate in that room.


How to Apply

  •  Go to and log on using your NetID and password.
  •  Follow the instructions on each page to sign up for housing and choose a meal plan
  • Every student will be required to pay the $150 housing deposit. This will be the first step in the application process.


Costs for 2016-2017

  • Regular Double Room: $2,110 per semester
  • Regular Single Room: $2, 920 per semester
  • Taylor Hall Double Room: $2,398 per semester
  • Taylor Hall Single Room: $3,134 per semester


*2017-2018 proposed rates will be posted as soon as available.