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Returning Student Single Room Lottery

Single Room Lottery information for current residence hall students

Single Room Lottery Timeline

  • TBD: Application open to current residents to sign up for the single room lottery. Go to to sign up for the lottery.
  • TBD: Notification goes out to students who receive a single room for next year at the cost listed below. Notification will be sent to your UWO e-mail account. Students not receiving a single room will be notified as well.


Applying for the lottery is not associated with choosing a specific room (meaning you will still need to pick a room whether you receive a single or not.) Please see the Any other building room sign up section for the room selection timeline.You must pay the $150 housing deposit and complete your housing application before you can choose a room.


General Single Room Lottery Information

  • Each and every resident desiring a single room must apply for the single room lottery. This includes anyone currently in a single room, regardless of how obtained.
NOTE: Single room status DOES NOT CARRY OVER FROM YEAR to YEAR unless granted by Dean of Students/Disability Services.
  • If you require a single for medical reasons you MUST submit medical documentation to the Dean of Students office/Disability Services.
NOTE: You are still encouraged to apply for the single room lottery.


Single Room Distribution

A limited number of single rooms will be allotted for the upcoming school term. There will not be a predetermined number of men’ s or women’s singles.

A. Anyone 25 years of age or older as of January 30, 2018, who applies for a single by February 4th via the on-line housing application will be granted a single. These will then be subtracted from the total number of singles available.

B. The remaining available number of single rooms will be assigned, through random selection:

1. 50% will be awarded to those students having earned 75 or more credits, including graduate students.

2. 35% will be awarded to those students having earned 45 or more credits plus those remaining from   group #1 who did not receive a single room in the first selection.

3. 15% will be awarded to all other students who have applied and those remaining from groups #1 and #2 who did not receive a single room through the first two selections.


Remaining applications will form the waiting list according to the exact date and time they applied for a single on-line